Ripley Reporters are taking part in the BBC’s School News Report

A new after school journalism club run by Agriculture & Horticulture teacher Mrs Price has been formed.  Mrs Price has recently joined Ripley and she has set up the club which meets every Tuesday. The Ripley Reporters will be creating news reports and articles which will be posted on this website and linked to the BBC’s school report site throughout the year. When asked what her motivation for setting the club up was Mrs Price replied “I set the club up because I wanted to encourage the children to develop their communication skills as well as cultivating an interest in the news and wider society in a fun and exciting way.”

Here are a few quotes from our members about the new club;

Adam (Year 8), who hopes to report on the Ripley Music Tour in the summer, said: “I look forward to interviewing and meeting people. I hope to become a better journalist at the end of this project”

James (Year 10) who has a lot of experience writing articles for his own websites said  “I am delighted to be part of the group and will be hoping to help make this project a success and that people will look up to me and we will learn from each other.”

Conor (Year 10) and has lots of experience to do with technical aspects involving sound and theatre productions said “I am pleased to be involved in such a project.  A lot of work shall be done and this will be a great experience for all.”

Do you have any breaking news or ideas to be included in our articles or videos? If so, contact us at


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