Samuel’s Summer Fashion Article

We all want to know the latest fashion but I’m here to tell you about what’s in and out.
Luminous, Floral, stretch and high tops those four words are basically going to get you through the summer.

First of all luminous is amazing but a little ‘look at me in the luminous’ so it’s good to have some luminous sneakers or sandals with some gold hoops, sports shorts, a vest and a funky jumper. This is something everyone will dig. That’s a good thing because you’ll be at the top of the fashion do’s and not at the top of don’ts.

Floral is a really nice material but in summer there is a lot. That doesn’t matter, fashion is all about expression and being who you are. In summer the best floral clothes are maxi dresses. So a good outfit would be a floral maxi dress with some beige sandals and a purse. A good pair of funky sunglasses would go perfectly.

Stretch is a really well fitted piece of clothing. For summer if you really want to blow peoples mind you should wear a gorgeous stretch skirt a nice sleeveless tank top and some platform sandals. Also a nice bag would go well (preferably a long strap).

High tops. We all like them but if you’re going to wear them for summer you’d better wear a pair of rough high tops with some short shorts and a frilly top.

Now you know what to wear for summer. Enjoy!


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