The spring concert


Yesterday, the 9th of March, Ripley st Thomas’ music department held there annual Spring concert. In a local hall, Over 50 people turned up to watch musicians, choirs and soloists do there thing. It was organised by 3 teachers, 4 sixth formers, college students and Ripley scolars who were all previously students at Ripley.

Involved in this event were the –

  • Junior jazz band and jazz band
  • Concert band
  • Orchestra
  • Junior and senior boys and girls choir
  • String group
  • Chapel choir
  • Upper school choir

All of these bands and groups were absolutely amazing and the audience enjoyed the night especially when the jazz band did a cover of uptown funk by Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars. Sheila Duncan, an 81 year old lady said “ it was a superb concert, it was very entertaining and there was a lot of variety . There were a lot of talented pupils performing. The teaching standard was excellent just like the performance. I loved it “ there were lots of supportive comments and all the students that were involved In the performances said it was an amazing night and all went to plan.





We went to the farm to ask Mrs Price and Mr Bush (the school farmers) questions about the new lambs and their mothers. So here is the outcome.

The first lamb was one week early but the ewe was ill and they weren’t expecting it. They don’t name their sheep, although one of them is called Jenny and they keep it like a pet! They have 31 ewes and 61 lambs are due but there are some surprises.

To make sure everything is safe and ‘running smoothly,’ they watch on a webcam and after birth they put the ewes with their lambs in a ‘maternity suite’ to isolate them. They also spray the their navels with iodine and worm the ewes right away.

Mr Bush will work 24/7 on the farm but Miss Price only works school hours (as a teacher and a farmer). Pupils here at Ripley St Thomas Academy get hands on too and we even got to hold some lambs! We also found out that bigger lambs make more profit but are way harder to get out.



In early December 2015 catastrophic floods hit Lancashire and the surrounding areas. This resulted in thousands of homes flooded and millions without power! Many school closed and transport was stopped throughout the week. Loss of electricity meant people could not provide themselves with simple things suchflood 2 as food and hot drinks. Communities pulled together and many people gave their time, food and homes to help those severely affected.

The floods majorly damaged businesses and factories and sadly some will never open again. With phone lines down and the internet cut off, people socialised together for once.

The small village of Halton was badly hit and cut off from the world for hours and no one could get in or out of the village even for emergencies! Also there was a tragic car crash on Caton road entering the village. This resulted in the death of a middle aged woman in the passenger seat. With nurses and doctors unable to get to work the emergency services struggled as the number of casualties rised because of the floods.

Eventually the floods drained away and power was restored but the emotional and physical damage they caused will never be forgotten.flood 1




Animal care

Some pupils from Ripley St. Thomas reporter’s team went to Lancaster animal care on Wednesday 2nd to see what it was all about.

They went on a tour and saw rabbits, cats, dogs and two goats all very well cared for in the hands of the volunteers and workers there. The team heard the happy stories of animal finding loving homes but also some upsetting ones of how neglecting people can be towards animals. Animal care always tries their best to give the animals there a happy time because some stay there longer than expected. The animals have lots of things to do and have their needs met but what they really need is a loving home and a loving family to be a part of.20160302_122822

The team also interviewed one of the animal care workers to see what she thought of the charity and the work it carries out.

Some advice given by the worker to the students was that if you want an animal you must have a fit home, be up for the hard work and have the finances to keep a pet  because when you’re not, animals get neglected and need a new home which often they don’t get. She also stated that once you have adopted an animal, the charity don’t just wave goodbye, but give help and support on how to care for that animals needs. Also there is a page on the website that takes you through the stages of adoption if anyone needed support in the process. The centre has a variety of fundraising events like bark in the park because it relies solidly on donations to keep it running.

If you’re interested in adopting a pet, be sure to go to the animal care website or visit their rescue centre in Lancaster.

super vet

Noel is an award wining vet and surgeon who has pioneered new techniques such as limb and paw replacements In dogs and cats. He has achieved what has been thought to be imposable in the world of animal surgery.

Noel was born in ballyfin co laois in ireland on the 13th of December 1964 . Noel had a difficult childhood as he like many children today suffered from the harsh reality of bullying. He says this is the reason why he turned to animals. He wants people to know that something good can come from something bad and this Is what his story shows. Noel went into acting before he realised that his calling was to be a vet. Noel wasn’t a vet from the beginning but he did bits of acting until he decided that the vet life was for him.

Noels surgery is the last resort for some pets and their owners. He always tries his best to comfort owners and give poorly pets the best chance for a happy future. His surgery is a bit like a pet hotel. The animals under his care get airbeds ,radio , blankets and even TV. Noel has a hate for cages so the animals at his surgery are kept behind glass doors instead of in cages.

his practise has a MRI scanner , ACT scanner , hydrotherapy pool , underwater treadmill , 3 operating theatres and an isolation ward. Noel has said that he prefers animals to humans so it is not surprising that he wants to be a vet

He said “ Il treat any wild animal . Hedgehogs are my favourite.”

In 2009 he received an honorary doctorate degree from the university of Surry fore “one medicine.”

He went for 14 years without a holiday.

He gets lots of complaints and he says that some people expect him to work miracles but most people come full of hope.

It surprises some people that Noel is not a vegetarian.

Noel is a hero to me for many reasons. Firstly he is a vet which is what I want to be when I am older. He has overcome bulling and became a pioneer is animal surgery. He has not been afraid to try new things and take risks to try and achieve the best outcome for the animal on the operating table. He is an extremely strong person and he hasn’t given up even when things have gone terribly wrong.

There isn’t much about him in the history books now but there will be in the future. He has made giant leaps in the world of medicine. He is a great role model for budding young vets and people that want to follow your dreams.

weather you se him as a hero is up to you but he is certainly one to me.