Teacher torture to raise money for charity

Every Christmas at Ripley for charity week, each form and every pupil does something to raise money for a number of local, national and international charities.

This fund-raising happens in a number of ways, such as bakes sales and sweet stalls, to sporting events and challenges. However form 10 Exton went one step further to raise money for charity with… I’M A TEACHER, GET ME OUT OF HERE!

The aim of the challenge was for six brave teachers to sit at the front of the gym, and be presented with a variety of bugs over 5 rounds. Each round the teachers were given bigger critters to eat… the challenges were mealworms, crickets, a locust, a Thailand water beetle and finally a cocktail challenge including guts and gore from all the different bugs.

All the teachers bravely managed to complete all 5 rounds, with Mr Salthouse completing the final challenge in the fastest time to be crowned the king! This event happened on the 18th of December 2014 and still, in 2015, Mrs Price has revealed that she still can’t eat a seed without it reminding her of the texture of a bug.

In the end 10 Exton raised a whopping £146 for charity which all went to a good cause… well done 10 Exton, and the brave teachers who took part!

The teachers, ready to begin their challenge!

The teachers, ready to begin their challenge!

Here is a picture of a giant water bug... the 4th round of the challenges

Here is a picture of a giant water bug… the 4th round of the challenges

Some of the left over cocktail from the final challenge... yum!

Some of the left over cocktail from the final challenge… yum!


Samuel’s Summer Fashion Article

We all want to know the latest fashion but I’m here to tell you about what’s in and out.
Luminous, Floral, stretch and high tops those four words are basically going to get you through the summer.

First of all luminous is amazing but a little ‘look at me in the luminous’ so it’s good to have some luminous sneakers or sandals with some gold hoops, sports shorts, a vest and a funky jumper. This is something everyone will dig. That’s a good thing because you’ll be at the top of the fashion do’s and not at the top of don’ts.

Floral is a really nice material but in summer there is a lot. That doesn’t matter, fashion is all about expression and being who you are. In summer the best floral clothes are maxi dresses. So a good outfit would be a floral maxi dress with some beige sandals and a purse. A good pair of funky sunglasses would go perfectly.

Stretch is a really well fitted piece of clothing. For summer if you really want to blow peoples mind you should wear a gorgeous stretch skirt a nice sleeveless tank top and some platform sandals. Also a nice bag would go well (preferably a long strap).

High tops. We all like them but if you’re going to wear them for summer you’d better wear a pair of rough high tops with some short shorts and a frilly top.

Now you know what to wear for summer. Enjoy!

It’s News Day! Listen out for the Ripley Reporters on BBC Radio 4

The pupils at Ripley St Thomas are in pretty unique position when it comes to their courses as they have their own farm on site! From the start of their school life at Ripley St Thomas pupils are taught theory alongside practical skills of agriculture and horticulture. Many then go onto take the subject at GCSE level. As the school itself celebrates its 150th birthday this year, our BBC News School Reporters decided the time was right to explore the school’s history and the benefits the farm brings to their studies.


Ripley reporters record article for BBC’s Farming Today

Our reporters interviewing Mr Bush

Our roving reporters have been busy again! This time they have been working with BBC Radio 4 to produce a short segment for their Farming Today programme.  Our reporters interviewed Mrs Nicholls, Mr Wilson, Mr Bush about the importance and success of the farm and asked some pupils about their experience on the farm.  During this process they learned interview skills and techniques from Gill Blackwood; a producer from the BBC.

Ripley Reporters are taking part in the BBC’s School News Report

A new after school journalism club run by Agriculture & Horticulture teacher Mrs Price has been formed.  Mrs Price has recently joined Ripley and she has set up the club which meets every Tuesday. The Ripley Reporters will be creating news reports and articles which will be posted on this website and linked to the BBC’s school report site throughout the year. When asked what her motivation for setting the club up was Mrs Price replied “I set the club up because I wanted to encourage the children to develop their communication skills as well as cultivating an interest in the news and wider society in a fun and exciting way.”

Here are a few quotes from our members about the new club;

Adam (Year 8), who hopes to report on the Ripley Music Tour in the summer, said: “I look forward to interviewing and meeting people. I hope to become a better journalist at the end of this project”

James (Year 10) who has a lot of experience writing articles for his own websites said  “I am delighted to be part of the group and will be hoping to help make this project a success and that people will look up to me and we will learn from each other.”

Conor (Year 10) and has lots of experience to do with technical aspects involving sound and theatre productions said “I am pleased to be involved in such a project.  A lot of work shall be done and this will be a great experience for all.”

Do you have any breaking news or ideas to be included in our articles or videos? If so, contact us at reporters@ripley.lancs.sch.uk.

Ripley St Thomas is The Bay’s Cool School of the Week!

Danny & Paul with some of our pupils (and Bob the sheep dog)

Danny & Paul with some of our pupils and Bob the sheep dog!

On Wednesday 12th February Danny Matthews from The Bay radio station joined us to record 5 segments for Cool School of the Week.  Danny even brought a celebrity guest and former pupil of Ripley with him!  Paul Akister a previous X Factor contestant and and former Ripley pupil, who narrowly missed out on getting to the live shows came back for a tour around the school.

Danny and Paul met the farm’s newborn lambs, popped into Mrs Chapman’s year 7 history class, met the school dinner ladies and had a chat with a number of pupils about the school.  Finally Adam, one of our Ripley Reporters then had a few minutes to interview Danny about becoming a radio DJ and even managed to scoop an exclusive… the phantom of the bay is set to return!

Why not listen to Danny’s breakfast show on The Bay at 8:25am the week commencing 3rd March to hear us in action  http://www.thebay.co.uk/on-air/the-bay-breakfast-with-danny-matthews/